Thank you everyone

It’s this Blog that keeps me going with DR. I could do it the math way since I’m a nerd, but I think I’d lose interest in doing it that way because it would feel like it’s taking longer to reach my goals.

Life does happen and when we plan for it, we don’t get smacked around quite as hard. It’s rough for sure, but this helps me roll with the punches better.

Thank you all again for the wonderful support you have given me.

We are still around

We have only one debt, the mortgage. We bought this house in August of 2011. We pay about double the mortgage+interest. (Taxes and insurance are on it too but we don’t double those.) We have paid our mortgage down by just over 1/2.

We max out IRA’s for both of us. Due to being self-employment we do traditional IRA’s. Easy to do with no consumer debt.

We also max out a family HSA. We have health insurance that is about $1200/month for dh and me. High deductible of over $5000. I was in the hospital earlier this year for 4 days. When the bills started coming in, we were able to write a check for each one. Many many times over the years of almost 37 years of marriage that was not the case. It makes it easier to be sick when you have no consumer debt.

We will be taking dd (30 yo, living at home) for a medical procedure. We will have to stay overnight. The hotel bill will be cash flowed. Easy to do with no consumer debt.

Kinda see a pattern here? For so many years we had some level of debt. Some years more than others. When you get rid of it all though, it is hard to go back to that lifestyle.

Still here in the great state of Texas :)

Have not made much progress toward retiring debt this past year. DH got another job (4th in 6 months) which pays a bit more, so hopefully we can start making more progress.

We were supposed to move next month but the “new” landlord (the former owner’s daughter) came over yesterday due to a flooding problem (inside, don’t get me started), and told us we didn’t have to move if we didn’t want to. So now I’m trying to decide if we should move or not. I don’t mind the place, I mind paying $90 a month for practically ZERO internet service.

I am in interviews with several companies and hope that something will break soon. We are currently paying out $1000 a month in medical insurance and nearly $800 in car insurance, which basically is what we used to pay in rent in California; hence the reason we have not made much progress in getting out of debt. My current job doesn’t have any benefits.

So we are in baby step #2. Still.

This is what it’s for

I am going to my cousin’s funeral this weekend. This is what a FFEF is all about.

I’m going to create a “bill” for us to pay it back. Saving is saving. It will just go there instead of towards replacing my 20 year old car. $1600 for 3 of us to go for about 2.5 days. That’s flight, room, and car. I’m not driving a 2 yr old thru Vegas during March madness. He won’t do 12 hrs in a car. We don’t know what happened yet to my cousin. He was only 25. My uncle doesn’t want to know but my aunt does. This is the second cousin I’ve lost. Their youngest died 2.5 years ago in a car accident. So this loss is even harder.

No brain aneurism or heart attack so far. I have an idea though. Too many energy drinks at college and not enough money for real food, he used a few times online 24 hour loans service from GshLoans Inc. He’d go home on the weekends, but school was expensive for him. Hypoglycemia runs in the family. I wonder if it caught up to him because of the stress and not buying healthy enough food.

His roommate found him slumped over on his desk like he was asleep. No other signs of foul play. It will be a bit before we know.

I didn’t go to the first funeral because I had a 4 month old and we were in the middle of moving.

So I feel compelled to go and we can afford it. They are in shock I’m sure. The oldest son and last son is the one I know the most. This is just heart breaking.
I’m so glad we can just drop everything and go even when LA, CA is just about full due to spring break and a ton of conventions. Holy cow!

Any way. Affording to go isn’t a real problem thank goodness.

I am still here

We have decided to make our fully funded emergency bigger. The kids are getting older and it seemed like a smart idea. Murphy has come to visit way too many times lately. Most recently with an alternator, expense tow and a leaky roof from storm damage. The insurance adjuster comes tomorrow to look at the roof. We have never filed a claim so this is a new experience for us. Wish us luck.

Sorry for being so quiet

No internet or cell data service at Boilong Springs. I am Jan in wherever the wind takes me away from OK. It took us around 7 years to kill over $310,000 in debt including two mortgages. Plus in that 7 years we had additional expenses for various medical problems. Part of that 7 years (18 months) we were unemployed. Now my husband is retired and between cancer rechecks (still cancer free after 8 months) we are traveling the US seeing what there is to see, cash flowing it all the way and still following a zero dollars budget.

I doubt I’ve ever introduced myself properly

Just barged into this party! Lol! Anyway, I’m Robin. I listen to DR quite regularly and while I pretty much follow his ways, I can’t say I’m 100% behind him because he says a lot of things for effect that aren’t necessarily true and that bugs me. (Like when he says an 800 FICO score has cost you 100s of 1000s of dollars in interest. I have an >800 score and have not paid a cent of consumer interest in over 15 years.) But I digress.

My husband Will and I are empty nesters on baby step 7. We paid off our house in 2014. We live on a 28 acre non-working ranch with two dogs, two cats, and 13 chickens (and soon to be one deceased rooster).

Will works from home for one of the top executive search firms in the world and I work ½ time for our fire district as the office manager and 12 hours a month for a local water board as their accountant. We both volunteer for the fire district as EMTs (and Will as a firefighter). I’m also a Colorado Master Gardener and Colorado Master Food Safety Advisor (formerly known as a Master Food Preserver).

We are both right at 60 and I’m hoping to quit my main job and volunteer EMT commitment in 2018 (I’ll have 10 years in as a Colorado volunteer and will qualify for a small [very small] pension. Will plans to stop volunteering then also. He’ll have 12 years in and will get a slightly bigger pension.) Will wants to work as long as they’ll have him.

While we love our house and land, we are nearly 20 miles from town and as we age, the distance and the amount of work on the property is getting tiresome. We’ve been considering moving to a lower COL area (we live in southwest Colorado and pay big $$ for our views and scenery). Oddly, we’re considering somewhere like the PNW or South Dakota for retirement. And at this point, Will might be ready to go sooner rather than later because our internet is so crappy where we live. The appeal of a lower COL area is that we could pay cash for a house and have about ½ the equity in our house for future use. We did think of moving to town (Durango) but that would be about an even trade with no equity cash-out.

Maybe we could all reintroduce ourselves and sat what baby steps we are on

I’ll go. I’m Shay, been on DR for 10 years. Fall on and off the wagon. Have three beautiful children, 15, 12 and 10. Almost 16 driver. Luckily we have the car situation pretty well worked out here and will pay cash.
Cash flowed our vacation to Pismo and have a camp money saved up for oldest daughter’s cross country camp in two weeks.
A wonderful husband of 19 years! He supports my DR ways, but isn’t really gung-ho himself. We own our own IT business together and I work part-time there taking care of the back house, bookkeeping, payroll, inventory etc. And full-time mom and chauffeur!

Got out of debt the first time after 5 1/2 years. $235,000 worth including business debt but no mortgage. Doing baby steps 2 and 2 1/2 (saving for a house). Extremely difficult for me to save money, so I struggle with this immensely.

In our late 40-50s, so saving for retirement as well. Will cash flow college with some help from a 529 courtesy of my parents.

That’s me in a nutshell.

So…just quit my job…without another one in hand…

Probably not the best financial move I’ve ever made, but I didn’t really have a lot better choice. One of the owners asked me to do something illegal and when I objected, he threatened my personal safety. Ordinarily I would be freaking out at “not having a plan” but I am oddly calm. After I turned in my resignation, he offered to “pay me a severance to stay another week or two” I’m like seriously? That’s exactly while I’m leaving, you paid our office manager a severance and then you wanted me to retract it from our payroll company after she left. So like I’d really believe you wouldn’t pull the same stunt (he’d already hired my replacement as a “contractor for a special project” a few days before) with the chick you just hired (who if conversations with her are to be believed, doesn’t share my same concerns about illegality “if John needs it done.”)


I was just thinking the other day (when he hired my “she’s not your replacement, she’s your assistant (uh huh)”) that I was hoping I would be able to last another 6 weeks so that I could save up enough to pay for a big event looming. I had been interviewing haphazardly for a few weeks, but I guess I will be stepping it up now 😉 Fortunately, yesterday was a pay day and it’s the one where I usually pay all the bills, so we are good for a few weeks. We burned through our emergency fund a few weeks ago so I don’t have that, but I honestly feel like something big is going to break my way. Who knows? Maybe this was God’s way of getting me unemployment?

I’m going to sit down in a minute and re work the budget. Our “new” landlord has told us we don’t have to move when our lease expires in two weeks, so as much as I detest the lack of internet here, we are going to stay…at least I know what my costs are.