So…just quit my job…without another one in hand…

Probably not the best financial move I’ve ever made, but I didn’t really have a lot better choice. One of the owners asked me to do something illegal and when I objected, he threatened my personal safety. Ordinarily I would be freaking out at “not having a plan” but I am oddly calm. After I turned in my resignation, he offered to “pay me a severance to stay another week or two” I’m like seriously? That’s exactly while I’m leaving, you paid our office manager a severance and then you wanted me to retract it from our payroll company after she left. So like I’d really believe you wouldn’t pull the same stunt (he’d already hired my replacement as a “contractor for a special project” a few days before) with the chick you just hired (who if conversations with her are to be believed, doesn’t share my same concerns about illegality “if John needs it done.”)


I was just thinking the other day (when he hired my “she’s not your replacement, she’s your assistant (uh huh)”) that I was hoping I would be able to last another 6 weeks so that I could save up enough to pay for a big event looming. I had been interviewing haphazardly for a few weeks, but I guess I will be stepping it up now 😉 Fortunately, yesterday was a pay day and it’s the one where I usually pay all the bills, so we are good for a few weeks. We burned through our emergency fund a few weeks ago so I don’t have that, but I honestly feel like something big is going to break my way. Who knows? Maybe this was God’s way of getting me unemployment?

I’m going to sit down in a minute and re work the budget. Our “new” landlord has told us we don’t have to move when our lease expires in two weeks, so as much as I detest the lack of internet here, we are going to stay…at least I know what my costs are.