I doubt I’ve ever introduced myself properly

Just barged into this party! Lol! Anyway, I’m Robin. I listen to DR quite regularly and while I pretty much follow his ways, I can’t say I’m 100% behind him because he says a lot of things for effect that aren’t necessarily true and that bugs me. (Like when he says an 800 FICO score has cost you 100s of 1000s of dollars in interest. I have an >800 score and have not paid a cent of consumer interest in over 15 years.) But I digress.

My husband Will and I are empty nesters on baby step 7. We paid off our house in 2014. We live on a 28 acre non-working ranch with two dogs, two cats, and 13 chickens (and soon to be one deceased rooster).

Will works from home for one of the top executive search firms in the world and I work ½ time for our fire district as the office manager and 12 hours a month for a local water board as their accountant. We both volunteer for the fire district as EMTs (and Will as a firefighter). I’m also a Colorado Master Gardener and Colorado Master Food Safety Advisor (formerly known as a Master Food Preserver).

We are both right at 60 and I’m hoping to quit my main job and volunteer EMT commitment in 2018 (I’ll have 10 years in as a Colorado volunteer and will qualify for a small [very small] pension. Will plans to stop volunteering then also. He’ll have 12 years in and will get a slightly bigger pension.) Will wants to work as long as they’ll have him.

While we love our house and land, we are nearly 20 miles from town and as we age, the distance and the amount of work on the property is getting tiresome. We’ve been considering moving to a lower COL area (we live in southwest Colorado and pay big $$ for our views and scenery). Oddly, we’re considering somewhere like the PNW or South Dakota for retirement. And at this point, Will might be ready to go sooner rather than later because our internet is so crappy where we live. The appeal of a lower COL area is that we could pay cash for a house and have about ½ the equity in our house for future use. We did think of moving to town (Durango) but that would be about an even trade with no equity cash-out.