Still here in the great state of Texas :)

Have not made much progress toward retiring debt this past year. DH got another job (4th in 6 months) which pays a bit more, so hopefully we can start making more progress.

We were supposed to move next month but the “new” landlord (the former owner’s daughter) came over yesterday due to a flooding problem (inside, don’t get me started), and told us we didn’t have to move if we didn’t want to. So now I’m trying to decide if we should move or not. I don’t mind the place, I mind paying $90 a month for practically ZERO internet service.

I am in interviews with several companies and hope that something will break soon. We are currently paying out $1000 a month in medical insurance and nearly $800 in car insurance, which basically is what we used to pay in rent in California; hence the reason we have not made much progress in getting out of debt. My current job doesn’t have any benefits.

So we are in baby step #2. Still.