This is what it’s for

I am going to my cousin’s funeral this weekend. This is what a FFEF is all about.

I’m going to create a “bill” for us to pay it back. Saving is saving. It will just go there instead of towards replacing my 20 year old car. $1600 for 3 of us to go for about 2.5 days. That’s flight, room, and car. I’m not driving a 2 yr old thru Vegas during March madness. He won’t do 12 hrs in a car. We don’t know what happened yet to my cousin. He was only 25. My uncle doesn’t want to know but my aunt does. This is the second cousin I’ve lost. Their youngest died 2.5 years ago in a car accident. So this loss is even harder.

No brain aneurism or heart attack so far. I have an idea though. Too many energy drinks at college and not enough money for real food, he used a few times online 24 hour loans service from GshLoans Inc. He’d go home on the weekends, but school was expensive for him. Hypoglycemia runs in the family. I wonder if it caught up to him because of the stress and not buying healthy enough food.

His roommate found him slumped over on his desk like he was asleep. No other signs of foul play. It will be a bit before we know.

I didn’t go to the first funeral because I had a 4 month old and we were in the middle of moving.

So I feel compelled to go and we can afford it. They are in shock I’m sure. The oldest son and last son is the one I know the most. This is just heart breaking.
I’m so glad we can just drop everything and go even when LA, CA is just about full due to spring break and a ton of conventions. Holy cow!

Any way. Affording to go isn’t a real problem thank goodness.